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Dr Beth Gineris, Services, fees

My practice works through a holistic intuitive energy container, Instinctive Health Medicine. It is a intuitive coaching and healing system that is whole-life changing. If you choose to participate in a change program with me, our focus together will be about returning your whole self to balance - spirit, mind, body, and community. For many, this results in not needing to manage illness but rather in an increase in vitality, connection, inner joy/peace, and strength. I provide support, training and intra-conflict resolution as well as practical feedback, acupuncture and nutrition, and coaching guidance to help you effectively address personal life challenges. These integrative, complementary methodologies and techniques offer a highly personalized approach. With compassion and understanding, I help you build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing.

Instinctive Health Medicine connects you with your internal sensory guidance system. It helps you uncover your true inner desires and potential so that you can lead your life in a more empowered and balanced way.

I am available in person in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Tempe, Arizona; Online or by phone and zoom for life coaching and energy work/ psychic healings.


Intuitive Counseling/Consultation : Intuition assisted counseling and coaching to assist you in honing in on blocks and limiting beliefs that interfere with your growth. Focus on attachment style in relationship, effects of temperament, use of Mindfulness meditation, and Yoga to help with diminishing anxiety and depression, to effect positive and lasting shifts in paradigm perspective and behavior to create a happier and more satisfied you. Exercises in nature to help connect with your sensory guidance system for balance of Spirit, Body, and Mind.

Integrative Medicine Acupuncture : Rebalancing through integrative acupuncture energy healing; Using ancient Taoist theory and five element energy acupuncture medicine integrating your spirit, mind, and body through toning, homeopathic, essential oils, and powerful herbals to release Habit reaction patterns , create emotional trauma release, and reconnect you with your sensory guidance system. Toxicity release using myofascial trigger point needling and pain release for athletes. Health promotion, infertility/childbirth support, and facial/scar rejuvenation.

Energy Healing : Using energy medicine, intuition, psychic healing and psychic/energy clearing tools. Set up in 30 -45 individual psychic readings or healings as well as weekend retreats individually designed for your purposes. Psychic energy remote clearing of residences and business properties.

Mentoring in Consciousness Program : This program helps participants develop their mindful meditation and consciousness. Training in meditation, healing rituals, energetic healing, and working in the fifth through ninth dimensions of consciousness for healing of self and others.

Transformation weekend Retreats and seminars : Powerful energy healing and transformation 3-5 day weekend retreats. These focus on a theme working through the chakras and limiting beliefs that block healthy vibrant energy flow. These are scheduled throughout the year in specific energetic centers as well as in New Mexico and Arizona. I collaborate with other shamanic and energy/psychic healers to provide these seminars.

Focused couples weekend retreats and intensive seminars and workshops. These focus on transcending conflict and elevating consciousness. Addressing Temperament, understanding triggers, attachment style and exercises in non-violent communication are important components of my work.. The MAAPS: Money, Attachment, Achievement, Power, and Structure Insecurity Drivers in relationship information from my book on mindfulness in relationship is invaluable. You can also hire me individually to process with you a specific healing experience. Contact me directly for future seminars or to set up a weekend healing with me and/or our team.


My Acupuncture, Intuitive energy medicine counseling or consultation, and psychic remote clearing fees for services range from $100 to $280 per session of consult depending on what protocols are utilized.

The Mentoring in Consciousness Program is $250 a month, with a 9 month commitment. Intuitive Coaching is $200 for check-ins, readings and clarity on decisions. These are not sessions.
Training fees, and weekend retreat healings are on a case by case basis, generally $750- $1250 a day. Or $1000-$1500 for a three day retreat.
Just as a note: Intuitive Energy healings, psychic readings/ clearings, and Coaching services are NOT covered by health insurance programs because of the non-traditional aspects of the work. However, it is powerful and integrates fields in a way that leads to quick results and high success rates.
I am not on any insurance panels. In some instances, as allowed by your insurer, you may find that you can submit for reimbursement for specific services per appropriate cpt codes, especially under my DOM and LPCC NM licenses, and acupuncture license LAc in AZ. The amount you are reimbursed may not be the full amount of the service fees and is completely determined by your specific insurance plan.

Beth's books are great resources
They offer wisdom about relationships, spirit. mind. body balance, and your sensory guidance system.

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