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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple

Services, Instinctive Health Medicine

LifeCoaching, Training:  Lifecoaching and training with individuals, couples and small groups;  Mindfulness and meditation for balance of Spirit, Body, and Mind. Focus on Balancing you from an inner and outer perspective, assisiting you in living a balanced interconnected life with mutually satisfying and growth promoting relationships in home and work.  Creating your personal balanced spirit, body mind allows for this to spiral out into your home, work, and community spheres of living.  
www.youtube.com/watch 5 min, ParadigmShifting 

Integrative Counseling/Consultation:  
 Parenting, group and couple team-building and relationship mastery through MAAPS, mindful decision making, mindfulness training and consultation, medical intuitive lifecoaching support.  www.youtube.com/watch Me to WE, 7 min.  Additonally working through grief, life-transitions, stress, and left over emotional and physical patterns of survival to create opportunities for living as a thriving, integrated self.

Integrative Medicine Acupuncture :  Rebalancing through integrative acupuncture energy healing to release Habit reaction patterns, and create emotional trauma release, stress release, toxicity release, myofacial triggerpoint release, pain release, health promotion, and facial/scar rejuvenation.   

Seminar and Workshop development/facilitator:  4x4 habits to health, Instinctive health medicine, parenting with mindfulness, partnering with mindfulness, Healing through natureConnect and developing your personal sensory guidance systems.  Continuing Education seminars on Mindfulness & Ethics, phenomenology, parenting for success through the psycho-social stages of Erikson, Healing the Healer through 4x4 Habits to Health, 6 Steps for Transcending Conflict and Elevating Consciousness and Mastering Relationships. Other integrative medicine trainingHealing the Healer an in depth 12 week seminar,  Effective Strategies for Collaborative Integrative Medicine across paradigms, co-developer and presenter with Ronald Romanik, MD. Mindfulness to transcend anxiety in children and adolescents,Training in my proprietary models of Instinctive Health Medicine, development of your internal sensory guidance system,  Working with MAAPS, Healing the Healer and 6 steps for transcending Conflict and elevating consciousness.
See the classes tab on this website, for current classes.  For one-on-one or group training process; please contact me by email.

Let's talk numbers:

My Acupuncture, Consultation, LifeCoaching, and Medical Intuitive fees for services range from $100 to $280 per session of consult depending on what protocols are utlized.
Training fees are on a case by case basis, generally $750- $1250 a day. Email me directly if you want to discuss this further or have special circumstances, ie: you are working with a highly underserved population, school, or community. I try to keep my Counselor Continuing Education Classes at a low cost so that I can reach a larger number of counselors for this kind of training.

Medical Intuitive and LifeCoaching services are NOT covered by health insurance programs. 
My work integrates fields in a way that leads to quick results and high success rates, unfortunately it does not fit into traditional cpt codes, and makes it difficult to participate in health insurance plans.
In some instances, as allowed by your insurer, you may find that you can submit for reimbursement for specific services per appropriate cpt codes, especially under my doctor of oriental medicine and professional clinical counselor NM licenses. The amount your are reimbursed may not be the full amount of the service fees and is completely determined by your specific insurance plan.
My practice is a coaching and healing system that is whole-life changing.  If you choose to participate in a change program with me, our focus together will be about returning your whole self to balance - spirit, mind, body, and community.  For many, this results in not needing to manage illness but rather in an increase in vitality, connection, inner joy/peace, and strength. I provide support, training and intra-conflict resoltuion as well as practical feedback, acupuncture and nutrition, and coaching guidance to help you effectively address personal life challenges. These integrative, complementary methodologies and techniques offer a highly personalized approach.  With compassion and understanding, I help you build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing. 




Special focus includes:


  • Your sensory guidance center development, spirit body mind reintegration
  • Stress Management, Pain release, lifecoaching 
  • Parenting Skills Training and Support
  • Mindfulness and meditation training
  • Soul-utions Focused LifeCoaching, healing through ecopsychology, Project NatureConnect
  • Developmental Transitions and Grief issues 
  • Transpersonal shifting, medical intuitive lifecoaching healing
  • Adolescent developmental, power issues, Family interaction dynamics www.youtube.com/watch 14 min power in the psychosocial stages
  • MAAPS: Resolution of imbalances in power relationship in couples, partners, and groups  
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, herbal remedies and acupuncture to reduce Depressive, Anxious, and Habit Reaction Patterns
  • Toxicity Release through Medical Intuitive, integrative Acupuncture, and Energy rebalancing

  In addition, find downloadable materials for you to work through on your own with added support as you need it.  These materials are available on Buy Beth's Books tab to your left.  These are excellent resources for individual, partner and group training.