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Online Payments, Psychic Readings & Classes

1/To make a payment through PayPal for Classes Find the section that interests you,
check that, hit add to cart - You'll be taken to PayPal's Website, where you can complete the payment to me safely & securely.  
2/After your payment through PayPal - Please, go to the contact me/sign up for classes page. And complete the form on that page so I receive notice from the webstite that you are signed up.

When requesting a healing, reading or medical intuitive coaching 1/ choose what you would like to order, pay through PAYPAL then 2/ contact me through the contact me/sign up page at your left.

For Workshops, Retreats in Sedona, AZ, Mount Shasta, CA, and Couples retreats, please go to the contact me page and fill out that form, and send your request/interest by email.  Once we have talked you can pay through Venmo or Paypal.

Seminars and Continuing Education



Use the following sections to make a payment through  PAYPAL for Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions

  Medical Intuitive Extended Life Coaching ( extended 60 minutes to 90 minutes; $180 - $270): Extended Life-Coaching consult provides more indepth over-view of professional, personal growth issues & trends; this uses medical intuition, energetic healing and life coaching in combination.  

**Holistic Intuitive counseling monthly:  $200/month.  This is for established Life coaching clients.  Choose this if you want to have monthly access for brief psychic checkin and calls, texts.  This provides increased contact over the month but each contact is much shorter. Pay monthly through PayPal/Venmo.  

Extended 60-90 min, and MONTHLY


instinctivehealthmedicine.com/2012/04/26/my-experience-with-inner-sight/, go to this link to discern if this energetic clearing, healing is what you need


Long Distance Energetic healing/ Fifth dimensional healing and clearing:   *energetic healing of your multi-dimensional body or physical space clearing via telephonic consult  or long distance work- 15 minutes to 35 minutes ($35-$100)  This includes work on yourself, or others whom you are in relationship with, to assist in healing. This is energetic work.


Long distance energetic Healing/ Fifth Dimension healing and clearing

Holistic Medical Intuitive Psychic reading (Brief, 15 minutes to 45 minutes; $35-$120): 


Holistic Intuitive Psychic reading, Business and personal


 Find information about seminars and classes on the Classes tab in the Menu; learn about Medical intuitive life coaching and energy healing on the medical intuitive tab in the menu.