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Online Payments: PayPal

1/To make a payment through PayPal for Classes Find the section that interests you,
check that, hit add to cart - You'll be taken to PayPal's Website, where you can complete the payment to me safely & securely.  
2/After your payment through PayPal - Please, go to the contact me/sign up for classes page. And complete the form on that page so I receive notice from the webstite that you are signed up.

When requesting a healing, reading or medical intuitive coaching 1/ choose what you would like to order, pay through PAYPAL then 2/ contact me through the contact me/sign up page at your left.

Seminars and Continuing Education



Use the following sections to make a payment through  PAYPAL for Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions

  Medical Intuitive Extended Life Coaching ( extended 60 minutes to 90 minutes; $180 - $270): Extended Life-Coaching consult provides more indepth over-view of professional, personal growth issues & trends)

Extended 60-90 min


instinctivehealthmedicine.com/2012/04/26/my-experience-with-inner-sight/, go to this link to discern if this energetic clearing, healing is what you need


Long Distance Healing/ Energetic  Fifth dimensional healing /Medical Intuitive Consult - *Your spirit/mind/body questions answered immediately via telephonic consult - 15 minutes to 35 minutes ($35-$100)


Medical Intuitive- Life Coaching (Brief, 15 minutes to 45 minutes; $35-$105): 



 Find information about seminars and classes on the Classes tab in the Menu; learn about Medical intuitive life coaching and energy healing on the medical intuitive tab in the menu.