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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple

Online Payments: PayPal

1/To make a payment through PayPal for Classes Find the section that interests you,
check that, hit add to cart - You'll be taken to PayPal's Website, where you can complete the payment to me safely & securely.  
2/After your payment through PayPal - Please, go to the contact me/sign up for classes page. And complete the form on that page so I receive notice from the webstite that you are signed up.

When requesting a healing, reading or medical intuitive coaching 1/ choose what you would like to order, pay through PAYPAL then 2/ contact me through the contact me/sign up page at your left.

Seminars and Continuing Education



Use the following sections to make a payment through  PAYPAL for Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions

  Medical Intuitive Extended Life Coaching ( extended 60 minutes to 90 minutes; $180 - $270): Extended Life-Coaching consult provides more indepth over-view of professional, personal growth issues & trends)

Extended 60-90 min


instinctivehealthmedicine.com/2012/04/26/my-experience-with-inner-sight/, go to this link to discern if this energetic clearing, healing is what you need


Long Distance Healing/ Energetic  Fifth dimensional healing /Medical Intuitive Consult - *Your spirit/mind/body questions answered immediately via telephonic consult - 15 minutes to 35 minutes ($35-$100)


Medical Intuitive- Life Coaching (Brief, 15 minutes to 45 minutes; $35-$105): 



 View articles in the Coaching category at my blog:  www.instinctivehealthmedicine.com


Here are some of the comments about how the information I provide is useful:  

Beautifully and deeply helpful. - this part esp. speaking to me:
"Balance is the goal, so ever-growing height or depth is not feasible. There is a hexagram that seems to allow for expansion without loss but that has to do with the idea of bringing others in on the growth – so as to make the space bigger in a quantum-like way, like an upleveling of consciousness, a paradigmatic shift". Thanks, Beth.  cw  at drclaudiawelch.com 7-21-2010 on Ebb and Flow or What goes up...

You are completely amazing. I have learned more from you in the short time I’ve known you, then I have learned in my whole life.  LG 4-16-10 on the art of mindfulness

Superb thoughts in this post.  “Angry and fearful emotions seem to have a direct line to our memories so that things are embedded in our cores – it’s as if to say REMEMBER this so that it NEVER happens again.”  elene at kuanyin.elenelistens.com  2-10-10 on A mother by any other name still loves

Love this! An awesome reminder that we have control of our successes and that we shouldn’t put that control in someone elses hands. We set out goals based on our perspective of success, not someone elses!  SA 1-7-11 on the treasure of mindfulness.

Behind her LifeCoaching model, Beth incorporates her vast experience in counseling, effective group interaction, and health maintenance. with 1000s of hours in energetic rebalancing training and her three graduate degrees to offer a truly balanced & holistic practice of integrated health.  

Use these sessions to elevate your consciousness, heal your spirit, and Balance your life


Beth's books identify the importance of connecting with your internal sensory guidance system to assist you in balanced action toward your goals.  

Working at an energetic, integrated level through telephonic consults she employs effective techniques & her medical intuition with cognitive & energetic models to clear blockages. Dr. Gineris accesses 5th dimension to release long standing limiting beliefs so that you can reclaim your internal power and internal guidance to create a greater freedom in how you navigate life.



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