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Beth's Books: Two Powerful resources for Change

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Perfect resource for teambuilding and communication skills development in personal and professional development.  www.youtube.com/watch Mastering Relationships, Using MAAPS to guide you, 4.43 
The information is 
applicatble in couples work as well as business communication.  Discover what security driver drives your relationship style. 

  7 min video on your personal guidance system, and review of the Me, I, and We styles of relating, the 5 styles of security underlying relationhship:  MAAPS
www.youtube.com/watch  6 min video on MAAPS
: Money Achievement Attachment Power Security

Also, Available as a kindle download from the amazon site above
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Get this powerful resource TODAY. 
Change your life for the better! 

Embrace your power and potential.

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     Amazon.com, also available in a kindle version!

  You may find both books in local bookstores in Albuquerque:
 page1book.com/  BookWorks
or at the Center for Instinctive Health Medicine   

www.youtube.com/watch  5 min video: paradigm shifting
 www.youtube.com/watch  14 min video: power in the Erikson psychosocial stages of development