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About Me

Hi ! I am Beth Gineris.  I am a Medical Intuitive LifeCoach .  I focus my office practice as an Integrative Medicine Acupuncturist and Counselor.  I specialize in using east-west, spirit/body/mind integrated training and medical intuition to offer Soul-utions focused LifeCoaching and healing treatments.  You can use these tools toward mindful parenting, mindful relationship mastery, and personal healing. I offer techniques that you can use to balance your emotional and physical health through your sensory guidance system, utilizing methods I have developed and synthesized from my various Masters degrees and long study in the fields of Counseling, Applied Eco-psychology, Phenomenology, Oriental Medicine, Yoga, and healthy group interactions (MA, MBA, MSOM).   My recent endeavor has been to incorporate the profoundly healing aspect of nature. This is derived from my PhD study and training in Applied EcoPsychology through Project NatureConnect and Akamai University.  

You can access me for this work online, by phone or in person.  I call my work Instinctive Health Medicine. I have written several books you may use in conjunction with your healing to help you develop your skills. My innovative MAAPS system helps you discern how you are in relationship NOW and what you can do to help you reset your center so that you may create mutually loving and powerful relationships in all spheres of your life - work, home, personal, and community.  I work with individuals, families and groups as a Lifecoach and medical intuitive consultant.  Additionally, I provide seminars for personal and professional development to coaches, counselors, parents and individuals interested in upleveling consciousness as leaders and healers. 

My vast training includes acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, ecopsychology, Gestalt theory, Cognitive-behavioral theory, 5 element theory, energy re-balancing, Yoga training, Sound Healing, Reiki healing, EMDR, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), emotional freedom technique tapping procedures (EFT), mindful meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, dream analysis, and business micro-systems/ group dynamics, team-building consulting.  Whew - that's a lot of integration!
Because of this wide and varied training, I focus on a multidimensional perspective of health.  I am an yogini, tri-athlete, painter, poet, author, sketch and clay artist; and, I incorporate Nature, meditation, yoga asanas,  and artistic endeavors: collage, and journaling, into treatment when appropriate. This can be a supportive way to concretize your new thinking and behavior patterns into your integrated right/left brain learning and memory.
In 2015 I began two new legs of programing to positively affect the elevation of planetary consciousness.  The first is to offer through books and training new ways for transcending conflict and elevating consciousness, which offers information about shifting HOW we relate to each other and to our environment and communities. This integrates sense awareness training and my PhD study in Ecopsychology through Akamai University and Project Nature Connect. The Second is to offer tools for establishing Healthy, balanced habits this is incorporated into my Healing the Healer and 4x habits to Health class modules and seminar.  Both tracks synthesize Eastern and Western ideas of balanced healthful living.  

www.youtube.com/watch  one minute youtube on dr beth gineris  www.youtube.com/watch another quick youtube video

My Life Coaching model is the culmination of 25 years experience as a psychotherapist/medical intuitive, and communication skills trainer, with 13 years experience as an acupuncturist, and 25 years of Taoist, Buddhist, Eastern and Western Philosophical theory,  PLUS three graduate masters degrees, and PhD studies in the field of ecopsychology. Integration of Spirit, Body and Mind, allows you to Change your Attitude, Heal your Soul, Balance your Life .
My work is focused on the elevation of consciousness and integration of the spirit body mind multilevel human system.  

I am available through my onsite practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  You may also contact me through this website for online life-coaching, medical intuitive healing sessions, continuing education, and self-development seminars, (simply click on the buttons to the left).  Click on the Contact Me button to your left to get started. 

Change your attitude, Heal your Spirit, Balance your Life 

Education:  Master of Arts, Counseling University of New Mexico, Independent Study focus on Phenomenology;
          Masters in Business Admin. UNM - Robert O Anderson School of Business, Independent Study:  Economics of Domestic Violence
     Master of Science Oriental Medicine, Southwest Acupuncture College, Independent Study: facial rejuvenation, and the use of Shen to return to balance, sound healing in relation to five elements and healing, Kototama Inochi.
    PhD study in Applied Eco-psychology, ProjectNatureConnect, Institute of Global Education, Akamai University, Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, PhD candidate December 2018

Licenses, Certifications:  Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, NM Counseling & Therapy Board; 
                Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, NMAOMB; RX1 injection protocols certification, NMAOMB
                 Approved seminar provider license for NMC&TB, and NCCAOM;
Certified Yoga Instructor, Barkam Method;Certified Reiki Master; Certified in EFT &TIR, EMDR trained

Additional Certifications:  dr beth gineris has certified training as a Yoga Instructor, in traumatic incident reduction (TIR) treatment, injection and homeopathic protocols, emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping protocols, EMDR training, energy work, reiki master, medical intuitive channeling, power issues in groups and leadership, anger management, anger de-escalation techniques, healing through sound toning; and, Jeffrey Yuen healing treatments using Bach flower remedies, the ghost points and the extraordinary channels to treat shen disturbance, and meridian theory to treat toxicity.

Additional training and long term study with mentors: Distance energy Healing for lasting energetic change, Energetic Space Clearing, the I Ching, Eastern Philosophy, (Taoist, Confucian, and Buddhist), Sound healing through voice toning, toning bowls, and tuning forks to balance chakras and cells, as well as the use of crystal biomat technology to release toxicity; and, finally the use of homepathic tinctures to release toxicity and to reintegrate the multidimensional field; this includes Bach flower remedies and single homeopathic tinctures.

Professional Activities and Memberships: Albuquerque member on the acupuncture and oriental medicine association board and New Mexico state RLD Board of AOM Committees;   Fellow American Psychotherapy Association, Diplomate NCCAOM

Publications: dr beth gineris has written two books on mindfulness and its application toward parenting and partnering.  Her second book, Turning ME to WE,  has pioneering information about MAAPS, the five insecurity drivers of relationship. The paradigms behind Instinctive Health Medicine are integrated into her PhD thesis and her book called Truth Revealed which she used as part of her thesis.  She is working to complete a book which offers 6 steps for transcending conflict and elevating consciousness and a book for adolescents and young adults on how to develop internal self-confidence and empowerment working with archetypes and how to negotiate partnering issues which come up via archetypes.  Selections of these are available for download. She offers classes in the techniques and information available in all of her books check out the Classes tab to your left.  You may also download her iBook on Sound Healing, developed in collaboration through her Talon Claw Healing Circle connection.  Get the iBook through this link or on the Buy Beth's Books page of this site, or search for it through your ibooks app under her name.