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This website is designed to acquaint you with the varied and integrated resources I offer to help you create a shift in your consciousness and perspective, and make physical changes in all aspects of your current life. The focus is on identifying the life you want, letting go of the misbeliefs and mismatched goals that impede you from creating it while strengthening your inner environment to create the life you want.

Whether you are looking to shift your inner landscape or strengthe n how you interact within your relationships both personally and at work, or looking to reform how you want to live in the world, you can find assistance with the products and services I provide.

In Chinese Medicine Theory Qi follows Shen and Blood follows Qi. This is Spirt, Mind, and Body. All loss of vitality, physical and mental/emotional, Begins at a spiritual place, Moves to thoughts, that then in-turn drive behaviors and/or illness. Creation of a new way of being also follows this spirit mind body course. Energy moves - from the insubstantial to the substantial. Therefore, how our lives get off course begins at an energetic spiritual level, like a loss of hope or a loss of faith which causes our vibration to lower. As this continues, our thoughts begin to be negative or we begin to create misbeliefs, like I have to be perfect to be loved, or worse, I am not good enough to be loved, this kind of warble causes our vibration to lower further - this is where our immunity can drop or our perceptions can become hardened driving our actions and behaviors from a have-not, limited resource, and fear based belief system. After this happens sometimes disease processes can begin to set in.

I have identified that reconnecting your internal sensory guidance system is the most effective and profound way to find your way to a strong, empowered, vital, satisfied or happy, state. Your internal sensory guidance system helps you to discern what you want and what you want to discard. This needs to be accomplished through a multidimensional state - spirit, mind and body, so I offer various products to meet that multidimensional need.

Energy healings and psychic readings offer a holistic spirit, mind, and body approach to creating a Map for your healing.

Holistic intuitive energy coaching and relationship development coaching offer direction and exercises for change toward desired goals.

Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, sports myo-fascial trigger point, along with yoga, reiki and meditation align your body and help to create balance in your spirit, mind, and body integration, so that your energy is redirected and aligned with your goals.

Powerful in depth weekend retreats and workshops take you to the next level of setting your intention and creating deeper levels of healing and transformation. Supportive books, and video links offer more in depth information, exercises and meditations you can use at home.

Year long Mentorship in Consciousness Programs offer personalized development of profound energetic, meditative and intuitive healing tools to take your healing experience into a higher level of community and connection.

Practices in applied eco-psychology assist in better human relationships and integration with nature and the environment to create an elevation in consciousness. This will offer even more enhanced understanding of what brings you joy and health in your living and work practices.

Special focus includes :

  • Your internal sensory guidance center development, spirit mind body reintegration
  • Stress Management, Pain release,
  • Relationship coaching
  • Parenting Skills Training and Support
  • Psychic readings, energy healings
  • Mindfulness and meditation training, support through yoga asana poses
  • Healing through applied eco-psychology, Project NatureConnect tools
  • Developmental Transitions and Grief issues
  • Transpersonal shifting, holistic intuitive life coaching assistance and direction
  • Adolescent developmental, power issues, Family interaction dynamics 14 min power in the psychosocial stages
  • MAAPS: Resolution of imbalances in power relationship in couples, partners, and groups
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, herbal remedies and acupuncture to reduce Depressive, Anxious, and Habit Reaction Patterns
  • Toxicity Release through Intuitive integrative Acupuncture, and Energy rebalancing

Instinctive Health Medicine connects you with your internal sensory guidance system. It helps you uncover your true inner desires and potential so that you can lead your life in a more empowered and balanced way.

I am available in person in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Tempe, Arizona; Online or by phone and zoom for life coaching and energy work/ psychic healings.

Beth's books are great resources they offer support in bringing a mindful approach to self development, parenting, and relationships. Look for these on the buy Beth's Books page on this website.

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