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Seminars for 2014, Updated March 1, 2014 4x4 Habits to Health, Healer/Counselor Health Maintenance, Ethics, Mindful Parenting, Mastering Relationships, Partnering with Mindfulness, Finding Your Path to Grace...............The Center for Instinctive Health Medicine                                                                          

  Beth Gineris, MA, LPCC, MBA, MSOM, DOM certified provider through NM counselors & therapists board    
a clip of the parenting class information/ mindfulness book 15 min

Four Habits to Maintain Spirit, Mind, Body Health:   4x4 Habits to Health.*  The habits will focus on the intergration of spirit, mind & body, offer nutrition & supplements to help you with sleep, focus, & balanced thinking.  Session two: May 19, 2014, $80, 12-1 weekly thru June 9, 2014. Three sections:12 weeks(12 ceus). Each section:$80, An hour/week for four weeks, 4 ceu credit, for therapists, counselors, social workers. You may take the ssections in any order.. *This is copyrighted material, a new book planned for fall 2014 includes in-depth information about how to change your life to create and maintain health.  For healthcare facilities, this is available as a health promotion model to offer to your members and employees. Contact Beth by email for more informaiton.  

Maintaining Balance, with a focus on ethical issues:  this class incorporates informaiton about personal professional health and ethical practice. It meets the 6 hour ethics training requirements, April 4, 2014, $120, 9:30-4. Contact beth by email to sign up! this class still has room

Healing the Healer This class will teach you specific strategies to keep yourself healthy psychologically and physically. From previous classes:  "Perfect for caregivers of all kinds".  "...great reminders about how to stay balanced..." Some hands on activities in breathwork, meditation, yoga techniques,and thought stopping techniques; also featured stop look and listen method, and communication skills training.  This class will be a 6 week one hour class.  Counselors can get 6 ceus for your license.  $ 120 for course, paid in full before your first class*.  Mondays, 10-11 for six weeks beginning January 13, 2014 - February 24, 2-14 (class will skip Feb 17 holiday). Will repeat in April 2014.
 (* if you want to join this class once it has begun please contact me directly..I can offer a comparable fee and level of ceu credit., bg)

Guiding with Mindfulness: easy to use techniques for counselors, teachers, coaches & parents, May 3, 2014, 10-4:30, $120, 6 hour counselor therapy ceus available
*will use the book - Turning NO to ON:  The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness, by Beth Gineris,  6 ceus for counselors and therapists - this class still has room

Mastering Relationships:  Understanding MAAPS, and your insecurity drivers
*references the book - Turning ME to WE:  The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness, by Beth Gineris, Mastering Relationships with MAAPS, three section:  total 12 hours: 4 hour classes, each class is worth 4 ceus.  January 25, 2014,  February 22, 2014, and March 15, 2014.  The class can be downloaded with a test, once completed you can return your test answers with an evaluation for your CEU certificate.  (I can also arrange an in-house training, onsite for business, and therapy sites - modified to meet your needs- contact Beth by email] Check out this 4 min youtube for more information

Ethical Decision-making for therapists, counselors, and small business managers/entrepreneurs*, March 7, 2014, 9:30-3:30 tuition $112, 6 ceus for counselors and therapists - will satisfy the 6 hour Ethics requirement, incorporates nmbct rules, *this is constantly evolving so it will be interesting even if you have taken Beth's ethics class before.*this class is full - the next ethics class is in April (see above) & has a slightly different focus. It still covers important ethical issues in the license code.

Mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety & stress, in children, excellent for counselor, caregivers, coaches, and teachers 
 tuition $120, April 5, 2014, 9-3:30, 6 hours of ceu for counselor and therapists--- includes applications for children and adolescents for parent/teacher training. [this class can be purchased for training in classroom or counselor site training - modified to fit your needs - contact dr. gineris by email] this class has openings 

Limit 8 per class, sign up to save your spot.
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You may also check the CNM-WTC website for dates where I am doing CEU training for them:  tentatively, April 11 mindful partnering, April 25 healing the healer, May 2 ethics, May 16 mindful partnering